Educational Tracks & Knowledge Types

AFP FinNext 2021 Virtual Educational Tracks

Each educational session during the event will be broken into one of three educational tracks. Each track represents a different dimension that is applicable to the FP&A industry.

Financial & Business Acumen

Content in this dimension emphasizes how FP&A translates corporate business strategy into a financial plan, and supports the enactment of that plan through resource allocation.

Personal & Team Effectiveness

The content presented in this dimension supports the continued development of FP&A practitioners as the trusted advisors to the business by building credibility, partnerships, and effective communication channels.

Technology & Data

Content discussed within this dimension focuses on how technology enables new capabilities for individuals and teams, and how companies are making the transformation journey.

AFP FinNext 2021 Virtual Knowledge Types

In addition to Educational Tracks, each educational session will be focused in one of three Knowledge Types. These Knowledge Types are put in place for you to better understand the content that will be discussed in the educational session and where it can assist you in your job.


Sessions in this Knowledge Type will include strategies to drive organizational change.


Sessions in this Knowledge Type will include content to improve your skills and tactics.


Sessions in this this Knowledge Type include actionable advice on Emerging Technologies.