FinNext 2020 Tech Challenge

About the Challenge

The FinNext 2020 Tech Challenge allows attendees to view, learn about and compare various planning tools under similar conditions. In Part 1 of the challenge, ten solution providers demonstrated their software capabilities in data exploration, visualization, analysis and forecasting to evaluate Models, Inc’s current performance and forecasts. You can see those demonstrations below.

The AFP community voted and selected four finalists (Jedox, Workiva, Unit4 and Peloton) to participate in Part 2, where Models Inc, is evaluating two acquisition opportunities. Participants utilize a shared data set to build a strategy map or a management scorecard that links to the acquisition opportunities, show various pro-forma options, and make a recommendation on the potential acquisition targets.

- Acterys
- Adaptive Insights
- Anaplan
- CXO Software
- Jedox

- MindStream Analytics
- Peloton
- QueBIT
- Unit 4
- Workiva