Pecha Kucha Presentations

What's a Pecha Kucha? Think speed dating, but for finance presentations. Listen to focused, fast-paced, 7-minute presentations that include a maximum of 20 slides - and then vote on the winner! Join your FP&A peers for this unique FinNext event taking place Monday from 4:15 - 5 p.m. 

Presentation Schedule

4:20 - 4:27 p.m.The Holy Grail: Aligning HR and Finance in Your Planning Process
4:29 - 4:36 p.m.Visual Artistry: Painting the Story with Variances
4:38 - 4:45 p.m.BuzzWord Breakdown
4:47 - 4:54 p.m.The Art of Managing Multiple Generations in the Workplace

The Holy Grail: Aligning HR and Finance in Your Planning Process

People are your most important resource and one of the larger expense lines. From hiring plans to open reqs to start dates, getting the planning correct requires that finance have a complete view of the HR function to effectively plan the costs, projects and deliverables. This has often seemed like an impossible quest, but in this presentation you’re offered a specific process and technology tips to finding this Holy Grail of planning.

Kerman Lau
Vice President of Finance
Adaptive Insights

Visual Artistry: Painting the Story with Variances

You’ve mastered financial and data modeling. Now, how to do you effectively communicate the message? A picture is worth a thousand words. Designing an interactive visual story that answers questions at the speed of thought to reach the final why adds strategic value to your presentation. Learn how to design and communicate useful stories targeted to the key decision-makers and discover how to distinguish relevancy of data to balance the amount of data used in your “story.”

Khaled Chowdhury, FP&A
Corporate FP&A Manager
KMG Chemicals

BuzzWord Breakdown

Blockchain, Big Data, IOT, Machine Learning and AI: Every day we are inundated with advertisements, messages and material about new technologies that we “need” to be participating in now. This session takes a step back to provide attendees with a foundational knowledge of the acronym soup and buzzwords we hear daily, which is tied in with technology and functional processes to help better understand their potential impact—and how we might decide to use one of them seriously.

Thomas Blakely

Performance Architects

The Art of Managing Multiple Generations in the Workplace: How Knowing Your Employees Can Increase Your Bottomline

The US workforce is rapidly evolving. With multiple generations – Millennials, Generation X, Baby Boomers – now in the workforce, managers need to reexamine their toolkit to retain top talent. How can you help this divergent group work together, work better, and bring their best selves to the office? Discover a fresh mixture of new programs and ideas that provide employees of each generation the opportunity for mastery, autonomy, and purpose to position companies for massive long-term benefits.

Conor Richardson, CPA
Senior Manager, FP&A
Shattuck Labs

Pecha Kucha Cup        Who will win the Pecha Kucha Championship Cup? You get to decide. 

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