Pre-Conference Master Class

Data Visualization: Maximizing your Impact

Sunday, March 17th 
11 am - 3 pm

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Course Description:

Data visualization is more than just colors on numbers. It is the last step of your analytics process that will convey your findings to your stakeholders for actions.

The choice of media (interactive dashboards, electronic documents, highly detailed charts etc.) must be adjusted to your audience to ensure understanding, focus and fast actions. At the same time, production and delivery must be streamlined to enable frequency without hindering daily tasks performance. Finally, as good visualizations often lead to more questions, how can you anticipate inquiry needs as you build them?

In this workshop you will learn:
   • How to select the right visualization
   • How to prepare data for easy production
   • How the visualization production process can be scaled
   • How to deliver advanced visualizations at zero to no cost.


Gauthier Vasseur    Gauthier Vasseur
    CEO and President, Datawise Academy
    Executive Director, Fisher Center for Data Analytics at Berkeley, Haas School of Business


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