Learning Styles

Everyone learns differently, which is why we have incorporated a variety of innovative styles to cater to your individual preferences and create a more interactive experience. Explore the various formats that will be featured at FinNext 2018.

See the full list of Educational Breakout Sessions.

Thought Leadership

Get motivated by inspiring speakers as they present concise, carefully prepared talks focusing on strategies, processes or techniques that foster learning and personal development. Finish up with a five to ten minute audience Q&A session for further clarification.

Sessions Include:
• Adding Predictive Modeling to your Forecast Process
• AI & the Future Impact on FP&A
• Financial Modeling on the Cloud: Defying Gravity to Gravitate Towards the Clouds
• Getting the Band Back Together: How to Find (and Keep) FP&A Rockstars
• Presenting Complex Data Analysis to Executives & Boards

Learning Lab

Listen to vendors present their innovative solutions to common challenges in the profession - keeping it short and sweet in a case study format within just 30 minutes.

Pecha Kucha

Think speed dating, but for finance presentations. Listen to focused, fast-paced, seven minute sessions that include a maximum of twenty images or slides. Vote for your favorite presentation at the conclusion.

Sessions Include:
• Hacking the Budget
• Goal Seek & Solver Hacks to Support Decision-Making
• Analysis Hacking with DAX
• How to Win Data & Influence Strategy

Interactive Discussion

Immerse yourself in the conversation by joining an interactive roundtable. Contribute your knowledge and share your thoughts with a group of subject matter experts, while guided by an experienced facilitator.

Sessions Include:
• FP&A Roundtable
• Data Visualization: The Four All-Important Questions We Often Forget to Ask Ourselves

Expert Panel

If you would rather sit back and listen, attend a panel where experts with contrasting or complementary points of view discuss or debate a topic, while a moderator guides the conversation. Time is reserved at the end for audience participation, questions, and comments.

Sessions Include:
• Closing Keynote Session
• Volatility is the New Normal

Case Study

Sometimes the best way to learn is through concrete examples of past experiences. Take on a case study or simulation that analyzes people, groups, events, decisions, periods, policies, processes, or other systems that presented a problem, and their subsequent paths for resolution.

Sessions Include:
• Business Partnering: Developing the Mindset of a Strategic Partner
• Cost Planning: Innovations for Integrated Business Planning
• Follow the Yellow Brick Road: Establishing a Finance Transformation Roadmap
• Leveraging Prescriptive Analytics to Close Complexity Gaps
• Using Online Data and Social Analytics to Drive Better Decision-Making