Financial Acumen Learning Week

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Live Webinars

Integrating Accounting Changes Through Your Forecast

Tuesday, April 7 - 3:00-4:00 p.m. ET
Credits: 1.2 CTP/CCM | 1.2 FP&A | 1.2 CPE in the Accounting Field of Study
Regulatory bodies have made changes in accounting policies that change the calculation of income or balance sheets; your ability to forecast accurately requires that these changes flow through your forecasts as well. Learn about three headline accounting updates—ASC 606 Revenue Recognition, ASC 842 Lease Accounting, and the provision for doubtful debts—and hear the process of how FP&A professionals gained agreement on the impact, updated their models, and prepared the business for the new calculations.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn about the major accounting changes that impact forecasting
  • Understand the process for gaining agreement, updating the models, and preparing the business

Ruth Carrasquero
Planning, Appraisal and Reporting Advisor
Shell International B.V.

Scott Corvey, FP&A
Manager, FP&A
FYIsoft, Inc.

Kerman Lau
Vice President of Finance
Adaptive Insights

Gabriel Zubizarreta
Silicon Valley Accountants

This webinar took place on Tuesday, April 7.


Statistically Significant: Driver Based Planning

Wednesday, April 8 - 1:00-2:00 p.m. ET
Credits: 1.2 CTP/CCM | 1.2 FP&A | 1.2 CPE in the Business Management & Organization Field of Study
Companies rely on driver-based planning for direction in prioritizing their most important business factors. But how do you empirically identify and rigorously test the drivers in your driver-based planning? Learn how FP&A can be the strategic partner that operational managers rely on to identify the best drivers by walking through the sourcing process, correlation analysis, and how to test for and identify forecast biases in models. This session utilizes examples from multiple industries to provide practical techniques for creating driver-based models, including a “flex” budget example that adjusts budgets and targets to sales volumes.

Download the accompanying Excel file Statistics Use to Validate Costs.

Learning Objectives:

  • Gain an understanding of the process for developing and testing business drivers
  • Learn (or refresh) statistical techniques relevant to FP&A and driver-based forecasting

Pete Geiler, FP&A
Director Supply Chain Business Office
Stanford Health Care

Robert Zwerling
Managing Director
Aurora Predictions

This webinar took place on Wednesday, April 8.


Alternative Approaches to Valuation: Going beyond DCF and Multiples

Thursday, April 9 - 3:00-4:00 p.m. ET
Credits: 1.2 CTP/CCM | 1.2 FP&A | 1.2 CPE in the Finance Field of Study
Most financial professionals are familiar with the traditional approaches to valuing companies and major assets such as DCF (Discounted Cash Flow) and Multiples. However, alternative approaches such as real options, decision trees and Monte Carlo Simulations may provide a better way to value companies and/or assets that don’t fit into the standard mold. In this session, hear how these alternative compare to traditional models, and how they can be applied to difficult valuation problems such as young start-up companies, intangible assets, or projects with high degrees of uncertainty.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn how to apply valuation concepts to almost any kind of business, technology or asset
  • Learn how to develop sophisticated financial models for valuation

Curtis Gratz, CTP, FP&A

Dubos J. Masson, CTP, FP&A
Clinical Professor, Finance
Indiana University

This webinar took place on Thursday, April 9.


On-Demand Sessions

The Power of FP&A in Shaping M&A Performance

Credits: 1.2 CTP/CCM | 1.2 FP&A
In 2018, M&A activity was valued at US$3.6 trillion with over 17,000 transactions worldwide, opening the opportunity for FP&A teams to play an instrumental role in enhancing the performance of the M&A process. This session covers the practical tools that support the M&A process at different levels in your organization and analyzes the importance of synergizing business models. Whether you are the acquirer or the acquired, gain valuable insights for improving the odds of a successful integration, and how to identify and lead a merger repair.

Ken Fleming
Baker Tilly LLP

Antonio Morales
Global Finance Director

Members: Complimentary     Non-AFP Members: $100


Using Decision Analytics to Manage Portfolios

Credits: 0.6 CTP/CCM | 0.6 FP&A
The R&D portfolio management team at Bayer Crop Sciences is using the principles of decision analytics to manage their R&D investment portfolios, involving both long-term and short-term understanding of impacts, risks, etc. They are going through digital transformation at a large scale and have also started the journey of applying similar decision analysis principles to manage the digital transformation portfolio. In this session BCS’s Corporate finance professionals share their methodologies as well as what they have learned from this process.

Michael Keeley
Portfolio & Decision Analysis Lead
Bayer US LLC

Geetanjali Tandon
Senior Director, Financial Planning & Analysis

Members: Complimentary     Non-AFP Members: $100