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AFP Aware - Community

AFP Aware is centered on these three guiding principles: Workplace, Community and Environment. We consciously partner with organizations committed to corporate and social responsibility to host community service projects every year.

The AFP Aware Community Service Project at FinNext will be Project Night Night.

Project Night Night

What is Project Night Night?

FinNext attendees will have the opportunity to be part of an impactful program called Project Night Night, which provides Night Night Packages to homeless children from birth to pre-teen. Studies have shown that providing objects of comfort can create a sense of security, reduce trauma and greatly influences the overall well-being of children.

What’s the Project?

Packing 100 "Night Night" bags for homeless children including: a new security blanket, new stuffed animal, new children's book, new tote bag, age tag, and note card for volunteers to write a note to the child receiving the Night Night Package.

How Can I Help?

There will be a packing station set-up in the main hall way at conference. In between sessions, feel free to stop by the station and pack as many Night Night bags as you’d like!