AFP Aware

AFP Aware at FinNext is sponsored by Prophix.

AFP Aware is centered on these three guiding principles: Workplace, Community and Environment. We consciously partner with organizations committed to corporate and social responsibility to host community service projects every year.

The AFP Aware Community Service Project at FinNext will be Clean the World.


What is Clean The World?

Clean the World foundation is a global health organization committed to improving the quality of life for vulnerable communities around the world. They provide sustainer resources, programming and education focused on water sanitation, and hygiene for all those affected by poverty, homelessness or natural crises.

Approximately 6,000 children under the age of five die every day from diseases that result from poor hygiene. Respiratory infections like pneumonia, and diarrhea diseases are prevalent in communities struggling with poverty. However, many of these deaths could be prevented if families were educated on the dangers posed by germs and had access to clean water, sanitation, and hygiene. In fact, studies show that hand washing with soap and water is the single most effective way to prevent hygiene related deaths, reducing morbidity rates by 50% or more. Therefore, Clean the World Foundation has chosen to focus our efforts on comprehensive Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) initiatives that address the complex needs of impoverished communities. 

What’s the Project?

FinNext attendees will work with Clean the World to assemble hygiene kits that will be distributed in the New Orleans community.

How Can I Help?

There will be a packing station set-up at FinNext. In between sessions, feel free to stop by the station and pack as many hygiene kits as you’d like!