• Implementing Forecasting Software: 6 Success Strategies

    Mar 18, 2019

    Technology took center stage at the FinNext 2019 FP&A Roundtable—with some surprising developments.
  • Three Questions to Ask Yourself Before Asking a Colleague for Help

    Mar 14, 2019

    How do you create a sustainable collaborative culture in your organization? Learn why it is important to invest in tools and processes that make it easy to manage the distribution of collaborative demands.
  • FinNext 2019 Keynotes Reveal Ways to Embrace the Digital Era

    Mar 14, 2019

    At FinNext 2019 in Las Vegas, attendees will hear from an impressive lineup of keynote speakers, all of which will be providing their unique views on how financial planning and analysis (FP&A) professionals can evolve with technology.
  • Finance Disrupted: How to Prepare for What Comes Next

    Mar 6, 2019

    Today’s rapidly changing business environment requires finance to address disruption head-on or risk being left behind more nimble competitors. Here are some of KPMG's hypotheses for the future.
  • Three Ways for Finance to Sharpen its Digital Skills

    Jan 29, 2019

    Finance has to quickly close the gap between its existing competencies and the skills it requires to thrive in a digital world. Here's what you can do to stay ahead.
  • How You and Your Team Can Get the Most Out of FinNext

    Jan 8, 2019

    Thinking of bringing your team to FinNext 2019? Invesco's team shares how they made the most of last year's conference, and how you can ensure your team does the same this year.
  • Being a Finance Business Partner to a Digital Organization

    Jan 3, 2019

    The role of finance as business partners to IT is changing. Are you doing what it takes to stay ahead and drive success for your organization?
  • Financial Modeling on the Cloud: Defying Gravity to Gravitate Towards the Clouds

    Mar 6, 2018

    What is "The Cloud" and why should you care as an FP&A professional? Develop an understanding of some of the challenges, benefits, and risks involved with moving your organization’s financial modeling and analysis to the cloud and discover tactics for making the transition successful.
  • Presenting Complex Data Analysis to Executives & Boards

    Feb 13, 2018

    Examine various strategies for creating simplified and concise reports, selecting the relevant information your audience needs, and formatting your presentation to eliminate confusion, save time and be a better, more effective FP&A business partner.
  • What's Happening in our Learning Lab?

    Feb 1, 2018

    Check out the Learning Lab at FInNext 2018 to immerse yourself in a realistic case study and examine some of the biggest challenges facing FP&A today.
  • Establishing a Finance Transformation Roadmap

    Jan 25, 2018

    It's of paramount importance for FP&A to have an intentional game plan in the form of a go-forward roadmap. Explore practical real-world examples that feature tips and tricks for getting started on the finance transformation journey.
  • Is a Picture Really Worth 1000 Words?

    Jan 17, 2018

    The conventional wisdom is that pictures and graphs always work better than tables, but that's not necessarily true. Discover strategies for how to communicate data and suggest presentation alternatives that may be even more effective than graphs.
  • Why FinNext?

    Jan 10, 2018

    Discover how FinNext 2018 will be a unique and exclusive event for the FP&A community, and why it will be a conference you cannot afford to miss.
  • Leveraging Prescriptive Analytics to Close Complexity Gaps

    Jan 3, 2018

    Discover how prescriptive analytics can play a pivotal role in transforming finance into more effective business partners that drive strategy execution and profitable growth.
  • The Knowledge Illusion

    Dec 7, 2017

    No matter how good you or your team are at what you do, you probably are making decisions based on a combination of data and your experiences. Discover why humans don't really know as much as we think we do.