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What's Happening in our Learning Lab?

Feb 1, 2018

Sometimes it’s best to jump right in. That’s why at FinNext 2018, we’ve set up a Learning Lab where participants will actively examine some of the biggest challenges facing FP&A today by immersing themselves in a case study.

The case revolves around a fictitious company in the energy sector facing 4 key obstacles: data gathering, resource allocation, budgeting & forecasting, and reporting. To make the company seem as real as possible, the profile includes specific details about its products, customers, organizational structure, and fiscal breakdown. CLICK HERE to download the full company profile.

Each Learning Lab session features multiple vendors tackling one of the above key challenges.

Each presenter has 20 minutes to highlight what makes their product, service and/or strategy unique to support the success of the company. The solution must include expectations for financial and operational gains, as well as an implementation timeline. This ensures that their solution is practical and accurately reflects the challenges practitioners face in the field.  

Lastly, all presenters will briefly take questions from the audience to challenge their strategies and allow for further elaboration. This interactive Q&A session will allow audience members to apply valuable key takeaways to their own organizations.

Learning Labs will be taking place throughout conference, so be sure to stop by to participate in an event you can’t afford to miss. 

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John Gibson
Director of Education and Projects, AFP