Closing Keynote Session

Leveraging Data Analytics to Drive a Collaborative
Workplace Culture

Call it the paradox of the connected workforce: If it is easier than ever to connect with others then why is it so challenging to collaborate and get things done? Much of our time is spent communicating with others in meetings, on the phone and via email, yet we often have little return to show for that substantial investment. Data shows that employees are suffering from collaborative overload, while many top performers often do little to help their colleagues. At the same time, developing a strong workplace culture is still viewed as more of a mystery than an established practice supported by analysis and insights. Reb Rebele shows how organizations can use data and analytics to create and support a strong collaborative culture that drives greater results.


Reb Rebele

Researcher for Wharton People Analytics

University of Pennsylvania

Reb Rebele is a researcher for Wharton People Analytics and teaches in the Master of Applied Positive Psychology (MAPP) program at the University of Pennsylvania. His research and consulting projects bring data science and research into the world of work to drive better employee experiences and organizational outcomes. Reb earned his MAPP degree in 2010 after spending his early career with the United States Mint and Kaplan. Since MAPP, he has been part of a resilience training team working with the U.S. Army and groups of educators. Reb’s writing has appeared in Harvard Business Review and he has been an advisor to the International Positive Psychology.