Hal Gregersen - Opening Keynote

Navigating Uncertainty Through the Power of Inquiry

The challenges of data overload and information uncertainty have been compounded by an upheaval in work routines. The virtual work environment is forcing many into structured channels of work but removing other pathways to building collaborative partnerships. What can be done? The answer lies in asking better questions that catalyze insight and action, break routines in a quest for creative answers, and balance multiple points of view simultaneously. Author, Senior Lecturer at MIT, and former Executive Director of the MIT Leadership Center, Hal Gregersen shares a structured questioning process that trains leaders and teams to deepen their critical thinking while expanding their field of vision.


Hal Gregersen

Senior Lecturer, MIT

Hal Gregersen has dedicated his career to finding out what kind of skills, corporate culture and practices produce innovative powerhouses. A teacher in leadership and innovation at MIT’s Sloan School of Management and former executive director of the MIT Leadership Center, Gregersen created a repeatable three-step methodology, the Question Burst, by which companies can build better problem solvers and enhance creative impact at all levels of the organization. Gregersen is the author of the Nautilus award-winning book, Questions Are the Answer: A Breakthrough Approach to Your Most Vexing Problems at Work and in Life, and is ranked as one of the world’s 25 most influential management thinkers by Thinkers50.

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