Closing Keynote Session

Theory vs. Reality: Transforming the FP&A Organization

While there is continuous talk of the need to radically change the FP&A organization, what does this mean and what are the actual challenges that face those leading this endeavor? Acclaimed author and organizational change expert, Ori Brafman leads a panel of FP&A leaders who share their experiences overseeing such a herculean effort. From change management strategy to decisions impacting personnel and technology, the panel shares their key learnings to support your transformation efforts.


Ori Brafman

Author, The Starfish and the Spider
Founder, Starfish Leadership

Ori Brafman is the father of the distributed network business strategy and a multiple New York Times best-selling author. His seminal work, The Starfish and the Spider, is cited by the U.S. military as the foundation for a successful campaign to counter Al Qaeda and was instrumental in the formation of Netflix's corporate culture. Brafman has advised all branches of the U.S. military, the Obama White House, Google, Microsoft, Cisco, NATO, and YPO, among others. He is a distinguished Teaching Fellow at UC Berkeley's Haas School of Business focusing on improvisational leadership and a Senior Fellow at the Coach K Leadership & Ethics Center at Duke University.


Jeff Altman, CPA
Executive Director, Finance Leadership Development

Jordan Krugman, CTP
Head of Finance and Corporate Services, North America
Invesco Ltd.

Gaileon Thompson, CTP, FP&A
Senior VP, Global Consumer O&T Finance